NC Pond13 1

The pond at the Woodstock Navy Club is getting a new life thanks in part to the city of Woodstock. The pond which was built in 1957 is being drained and dredged to help with the natural operation of the pond. The pond is spring fed and over the years the silt builds up in the bottom along with weeds and goose droppings. It is stocked with trout for the enjoyment of youth programs and veterans from Parkwood Hospital, and people under the care of the V.O.N. The last time it was dredged was 22 years ago by the same people, John Devries Construction of Innerkip.
The Oxford County Naval Veterans Association would like to extend our appreciation to Woodstock City Council and Woodstock Community Grants Program for their favourable consideration of our application and the resulting $10,000 grant to help with the dredging of our pond. When finished, it will be beautiful and make our city proud to have the best Navy Club in Canada!!

Rick Jackson