(B) Membership Dues

The Annual dues for all members shall be set by the Executive and are payable yearly by January 31st of each year.

(d) Termination of Membership

  1. In the event that any indebtedness owing to the Association by any member which shall have been outstanding, excluding annual dues, the Secretary shall notify each member of the default by registered mail addressed to the last known address. Unless payment in full is made within ten days of the mailing of such notice, or some other arrangement is approved by the Executive at its next succeeding meeting, such member shall be expelled from the Association and legal proceedings instituted.
  2. A member is required to pay dues by January 31st and attend one general meeting in the preceding year or be expelled for a period of not less than one year. The Attendance Book must be signed as verification of attendance. All Association privileges will cease and such person shall not be allowed in the clubrooms as a guest or attend any functions sponsored by the Association in the clubrooms. Should such person desire to be reinstated, an application for reinstatement is required and it shall be subject to the same qualification as if he had never been a member.
  3. Upon death of the member.
  4. The returning of a membership card by any member to the Bar Steward or member of the Executive, will be interpreted as an act of resignation.
  5. Upon the expulsion of a member.
  6. Upon the permanent suspension of a member.
  7. Upon the dishonourable dismissal of any member from Her Majesty's Service