(E) Conduct of Members

  1. Members violating any provision of the letters Patent, Bylaws or House Rules will be sent a letter noting the fact. The member shall be dealt with as stated in the following provisions:
    Upon the complaint made in writing to the Executive by any member that a member has been guilty of a violation of any provision of the letters Patent, By-laws or House Rules of the Association, or unacceptable conduct, the Executive may temporarily suspend the member and investigate the charges made. The reported member shall be notified by registered mail addressed to the last known address by the secretary and posted five clear days before the time of the meeting of the Executive at which time the charge will be investigated. Witnesses may be called by such member or by the Executive and after complete investigation of the charges, if the Executive concludes that the reported member has violated any provision of the letters Patent, By-laws or House Rules or has been guilty of unacceptable conduct, the Executive may continue the suspension for a period of time.
  2. Any member guilty of misconduct at any meeting of the Association may be ejected immediately by the presiding chairman or Master-at-Arms and face possible suspension.
  3. Any member who is under suspension from the Association or any person whose membership has been terminated because of undesirable conduct shall not be allowed in the clubrooms nor shall he enjoy any privilege of membership.
  4. Members must be in possession of their membership card when on the O.C.N.VA premises, and be prepared to produce said card upon request, by the Bar Stewarrd or Executive Member, at any time.