Doreen Beattie January 18, 2017, Wife of Bob Beattie, Donation to: VON Sakura House
Jim “Brownie” Brown January 29, 2017, OCNVA Member, Donation to: Canadian Diabetes
Ernest Hillrich February 10th, 2017, OCNVA Member, Donation to: HMCS Prevost
John Pellow February 22nd, 2017, Brother of Ernie Pellow, Donation to: Heart and Stroke
Dr. Norman Burt-Gerrans February 28th,2017, OCNVA Member, Donation to: War Amps
Shelia Scott April 1st, 2017, Mother of Stephen Scott, Donation to: Alzheimer Society
Mervin Wallace April 5th, 2017, Father of Susan Fewster, Donation to: Canadian Cancer Society
Ken Nadalin April 5th, 2017, OCNVA Member,  Donation to: Heart and Stroke Foundation
Doris Stevens April 11th, 2017, Mother of Pat James Donation to: George Bray Sports Association
Fred Wilks April 24, 2017  OCNVA Member,  Donation to: Liver Foundation
Ross Ferneyhough May 4th, 2017 Father of Dan Ferneyhough,  Donation to: Salvation Army Church
Gus Bendig May 5th, 2017, OCNVA Member,  Donation to: VON Sakura House
Thomas Horton May 12th, 2017, Father of Jeannette Hill,  Donation to: Canadian Diabetes
Shelia Scott April 1, 2017, Mother of Stephen Scott - Donation to: Alzheimer Society
Ken Nadalin April 5, 2017, OCNVA Member- Donation to: Heart and Stroke Foundation
Lynda Reeves May 17, 2017, OCNVA Member -Donation to: Canadian Cancer Society
Denise Paradoski June 8, 2017, Wife of Mel Paradoski - Donation to: L.H.S.C. Victoria Hospital-Trauma Unit
Jeanie C. Brown June 12, 2017, Mother of Cheryl McKeever -Donation to: St. Joseph's Hospice
Graham Elliott June 19, 2017, OCNVA Member -Donation To; Canadian Diabetes
Sandy Douglas July 31, 2017, OCNVA Member -Donation To; VON Sakura House
Marlene Roe July 11, 2017, Sister of Donald Zehr -Donation to; Heart & Stroke
Georgia Roos July 28, 2017, Mother of Karst Roos -Donation To; VON Sakura House
Freda Murphy Mother of Teresa McCallum -Donation To: Canadian Cancer Society