Doreen Beattie January 18, 2017, Wife of Bob Beattie, Donation to: VON Sakura House
Jim “Brownie” Brown January 29, 2017, OCNVA Member, Donation to: Canadian Diabetes
Ernest Hillrich February 10th, 2017, OCNVA Member, Donation to: HMCS Prevost
John Pellow February 22nd, 2017, Brother of Ernie Pellow, Donation to: Heart and Stroke
Dr. Norman Burt-Gerrans February 28th,2017, OCNVA Member, Donation to: War Amps
Shelia Scott April 1st, 2017, Mother of Stephen Scott, Donation to: Alzheimer Society
Mervin Wallace April 5th, 2017, Father of Susan Fewster, Donation to: Canadian Cancer Society
Ken Nadalin April 5th, 2017, OCNVA Member,  Donation to: Heart and Stroke Foundation
Doris Stevens April 11th, 2017, Mother of Pat James Donation to: George Bray Sports Association
Fred Wilks April 24, 2017  OCNVA Member,  Donation to: Liver Foundation
Ross Ferneyhough May 4th, 2017 Father of Dan Ferneyhough,  Donation to: Salvation Army Church
Gus Bendig May 5th, 2017, OCNVA Member,  Donation to: VON Sakura House
Thomas Horton May 12th, 2017, Father of Jeannette Hill,  Donation to: Canadian Diabetes
Shelia Scott April 1, 2017, Mother of Stephen Scott - Donation to: Alzheimer Society
Ken Nadalin April 5, 2017, OCNVA Member- Donation to: Heart and Stroke Foundation
Lynda Reeves May 17, 2017, OCNVA Member -Donation to: Canadian Cancer Society
Denise Paradoski June 8, 2017, Wife of Mel Paradoski - Donation to: L.H.S.C. Victoria Hospital-Trauma Unit
Jeanie C. Brown June 12, 2017, Mother of Cheryl McKeever -Donation to: St. Joseph's Hospice
Graham Elliott June 19, 2017, OCNVA Member -Donation To; Canadian Diabetes
Sandy Douglas July 31, 2017, OCNVA Member -Donation To; VON Sakura House
Marlene Roe July 11, 2017, Sister of Donald Zehr -Donation to; Heart & Stroke
Georgia Roos July 28, 2017, Mother of Karst Roos -Donation To; VON Sakura House
Freda Murphy Mother of Teresa McCallum -Donation To: Canadian Cancer Society
Beverly Leake August 11, 2017, Father of Allan Leake   Donation to; Woodstock Hospital
Jack Johnstone Sept 30th, 2017   OCNVA member Donation to: Salvation Army
F. Bruce McKenzie Sept 16, 2017, brother of Barry McKenzie Donation to Children's Hospital Foundation of SW Ontario
Ruby McGuire Oct 6, 201, mother of Linda Beattie Donation to Heart and Stroke
Carolyn Jones October 31, 2017, Sister of George Sutherland    Donation to: Canadian Cancer Society