a) All hats shall be removed before entering the clubrooms proper and shall be placed in the space provided.

b) All guests shall be registered upon entering the clubrooms and all guests must record their address.

c) Members must sign in their guest and be responsible for their conduct.

d) All members and guests shall refrain from using profane language or creating any excessive noise.

e) Proper etiquette shall be observed at all times.

f) All members and guests shall take care not to damage any property of the Association and each member shall be liable to pay for the damage caused to any such property by a member or by a guest for whom the member is responsible.

g) Traffic and parking instructions shall be adhered to at all times.

h) Members attending any and all special functions shall dress as specified.

i) All members are required to obey” Out of Bounds” notices.

j) Members receiving a phone call in the clubrooms shall be required to take the call when paged. Failure to do so will result in further serviced at the bar being refused.

k) No unauthorized person is allowed to use the pond facility. When the clubrooms are open, no person under the age of nineteen shall be on the grounds. When the clubrooms are closed, all Association members must accompany any family member under the age of sixteen.

l) The clubrooms are to be cleared by 0130 or in accordance with the regulations of the L.L.B.O. No activities are to begin after the bar closes.

m) The Association shall not be responsible for loss of clothing or personal effects.

n) There will be no solicitation, with in the clubrooms of tickets, etc….. other than for activities sponsored by the Association.