1. Shall be in charge of the production of the News Bulletin of the O.C.N.A. i.e. “The Port and Starboard” and Web Page . This includes:

  1. Collection of reports of officers and other contributors.

  2. Editing of material.

  3. Preparation of material for printing, typing, set-up, etc….

  4. Collection of advertising and issuing of invoices for same.

  5. Preparation of mailing list in cooperation with the Membership Chairman.

  6. Preparation for discretionary mailing – address labels stapling, etc…..

  1. Shall assist, if required, in the publicizing of special events, i.e. Reunions, Battle of the Atlantic, etc…..

  2. Shall publicize inter-club events.

  3. Shall maintain a publicity liaison with other Clubs and associations.

  4. Shall be notified of all special events for publicity purposes.

  5. Bulletin Boards in main gangway. Responsible for maintaining an up-to-date bulletin board of current events and notices according to the “House Rules and Regulations”.