1. Shall be responsible for the general maintenance and repair of the building and equipment.

  2. Shall arrange accounts with suppliers for material required to carry out maintenance as required.

  3. Shall order maintenance and bar supplies and provide for their storage and security.

  4. Shall ensure that the exterior and interior of the building is in good repair.

  5. Shall organize work parties to assist in labour projects and for general cleanup as required.

  6. Shall supervise the cleaning staff.

  7. Shall make weekly rounds of the building and property

  8. Shall be responsible for hours of operation of the bar. Bar help will be responsible to the House Chairman for carrying out his orders.

  9. Shall notify any employee under his jurisdiction of date of commencement or dismissal from employment.

  10. Potential employees under his jurisdiction shall submit a resume to be reviewed by the Executive.

  11. For repairs that involve major expenses three estimates shall be solicited.