1. Shall be responsible to inform Executives members of any change in time and/or place of the executive meeting.

  2. Shall be required at every business meeting to have the proper minutes and record books and correspondence, which are relative to the business likely to be transacted at any meeting.

  3. Shall record all minutes of general and executive meetings in special books kept for that purpose.

  4. Shall provide Executive members with minutes of executive and general meetings.

  5. Shall be the custodian of all records of the Association.

  6. Shall conduct all Association external correspondence as directed by general and executive meetings.

  7. Shall sight all correspondence coming into the Association and respond to or act on as necessary.

  8. A copy of external correspondence initiated by Executive members should be forwarded to the secretary, who in turn will inform the President.

  9. Shall give “Notice of Motion” as required.

  10. Shall maintain a record of attendance at all executive meetings.

  11. Shall ensure that general meeting minutes are available.

  12. General minutes shall not be posted but are to be made available upon request.