*If you live in Oxford County, you must attend at least 1 meeting per year, to ensure your Membership.

*If you live outside of Oxford County, no meeting is required.




(A) Classes of Membership

The membership of the Association shall be divided into the fol1owing classes:

  1. Regular Membership: (Naval)
    The Regular Membership shall consist of the applicants for the Association and of such other individuals who are Naval Veterans and can produce proof acceptable to the Executive that they did serve in the Royal Canadian Navy, the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve, the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve, Canadian Coast Guard, the Royal Navy, or any of the Allied Navies, and such other individuals who can produce proof acceptable to the Executive that they did serve with any of the Allied Merchant Navies on the high seas and, upon proof so being accepted, are admitted as Regular Members by the Executive.
  2. Associate Membership
    The Associate Membership shall consist of individuals who are or have been Canadian Army or Royal Canadian Air Force veterans or individuals who have served in Allied Armed Forces, or any active serving Police Officer of City, Municipal or Provincial status and to include R.C.M.P. Officers and can produce proof acceptable to the Executive.
  3. Affiliate Membership
    Sons, daughters or grandchildren of former Armed Service Personnel providing acceptable proof.
  4. Social Membership
    Social Membership must not exceed 50% of combined Regular, Associate and Affiliate Membership.

 (C) Applications for Membership


  1. New applications for membership are required to contact a member of the Executive on application who will discuss the proposed membership. The signature of the Executive or Regular Member must then appear on the application form. The second sponsor of a new member must be an Executive Member. The Executive shall have the right to deny membership. Application forms must be propel1y signed and dated.
  2. Membership shall be fixed at a given total from time to time, not including non-resident members. but which shall include Regular, Associate, Affiliate and Social Members, with the exception of applications from personnel who have Served in Allied Naval Forces.